The “OTP” subscription service is based upon the investing tenets in the “Option to Profit” book. It is designed to create reliable income streams from stock portfolios through the use of a covered option strategy.

The book is available as either an e-Book download or at major booksellers, Amazon.com or through our website. “Trading Alert” Subscribers receive a complimentary download, as it is highly recommended that they have working familiarity with the trading strategies used.


(Web Access Only subscriptions are without limit)


 Option to Profit

If you were a past reader of TheAcsMan then you’ll know that I don’t take myself very seriously, but I do take my money very seriously.

I also take your money and its safety, very seriously.

The past 5 years has been a tumultuous period in the markets. But out of uncertainty comes volatility, which can be your best ally or your worst enemy if not managed.


The Option to Profit Book





Option to Profit Book


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300+ Page paperback or e-Book




Paperback avaiable at Amazon.com and major retailers as are Kindle & Nook versions

Please note that the book is formatted for the Kindle DX. Charts and Tables may not display faithfully on smaller screens, such as the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Nook.

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No. We never deal in penny stocks.

We are not recommending a buy and hold strategy, nor are we day traders.

From a universe of approximately 50-75 stocks that I currently own or follow very closely, each week I will highlight several specific stocks, which if they subsequently receive a “Trading Alert” must be coupled with the writing of call options on those stocks.

Occasionally, recommendations may also be given to sell put options on shares that you do not own.

During periods of volatility, the premium that someone is willing to pay for the privilege of buying your options from you is enhanced. The premium on the option is added to your personal brokerage account. It is the fundamental basis for your monthly returns.

The average holding period may be as short as 1 day if the option contract holder exercises their rights.

The average rate of income flow will obviously vary, but the typical objective is 2-4% each month. Annualized, we seek a 25% income flow, after all expenses and trades are considered. Please be aware that income flow is not the same as the overall ROI (Return on Investment), as the paper value of your holdings may decrease, even while generating revenue for you.

Occasionally, dividend capture strategies will also be employed in conjunction with the above strategy, thereby further enhancing returns.

The results of trading activity is always compared to the S&P 500 for the holding period of each and every position.


Option to Profit is a simple concept

Web Site Access only subscribers will be able to log in to the OTP site to see our recommended strategy for each week, as well as additional opportunities that may arise during the course of the day and all through the week. They can also view Trading Alerts on a delayed basis.

Trading Alert Service Subscribers may select to receive Text Message or e-mail alerts when potential opportunities arise.

The recommendations that subscribers will see may be applicable for just a short time and may result in holdings of a few days or even less, but are all designed to enhance overall return.



Here is what you will need to participate in our “Trading Alert” program:

1. A low cost brokerage firm;

2. Approval to sell covered call options and sell cash covered puts;

3. Introductory monthly subscription to the “Trading Alert” service; and

4. An e-mail account that is frequently monitored; or

5. An SMS capable cellphone for text message alerts (optional, but highly recommended)

If done consistently, and you pay attention to the decision making process, you should be able to go on your own after just a few short months. After a month at the introductory subscription rate, the fee returns to its regular $200 monthly rate. Existing subscribers may also opt for the Annual Plan.

I do recommend at least $50,000 of available funds for you to invest. Although you may do so for less, diversification is very helpful and having a minimum of 100 shares in each equity position is necessary in order to write call options, as each hundred shares will allow you the ability to write a single call option. With each multiple of 100 shares in a particular stock, you will achieve an economy in terms of trading costs.


No Referral?

“Trading Alert” Subscription numbers are currently unavailable, in order to allow more personal communications with subscribers. “Web Site Only” subscriptions are unlimited.

Occasionally, new subscriptions will only be available to those that have a referral source. At other times, the number of new subscriptions will simply be limited in number.

If a referral is required and you do not have one, Send me an e-mail with “Please, Please, Please” in subject heading and let’s see what we can do to make it happen.

Option to Profit is not endorsed by any individuals  pictured within the web site. Even I'm ambivalent about offering an endorsement.

What do I get when I subscribe?.


By subscribing to the “Trading Alert” service, you are agreeing to a $100 non-refundable monthly subscription, for a 1 month trial period*. After the conclusion of the trial period, your PayPal account will be automatically charged $200 each month.

web siteSubscribers to the “Web Site Only” have full access to the OTP site, its articles, archives, historical trades, spreadsheet tools and access to trading activity within 30 minutes of transmission to full service subscribers. Access is available monthly for a $75 non-refundable subscription, following a $35 introductory month*.

btn_subscribeCC_LGA “Telephone Support” option is available for Trading Alert subscribers who want guidance during early stages of implementing an income generating strategy. Otherwise, subscribers to the Trading Alert Service may communicate through text messaging or e-mail as part of their subscription, while Web Access subscribers may use the “Comments” section of the site.

You may cancel any of the above subscriptions at any time, thereby avoiding billing in any subsequent months.

* New Subscribers only

Thanks for considering

How Much Money Does it Take to Make Money?

Everyone should decide for themselves what targets and goals are appropriate. However, I do not recommend that you achieve “more” through the use of margin.

Please note, that there are always risks with any strategy. The use of covered call options, however, is a well known strategy to minimize risk, by essentially using the call premium as a “hedge” or insurance against stock price declines. In return, the writer of the call option may be giving up any potential gains beyond the “strike price” of the underlying stock. In the strategy that we employ, unless there is a single day explosion in stock price, this is not likely.

Additionally, in the case of stock options, as you near the expiration date, the time value component of the option erodes rapidly. Since your profit is largely related to the option premium, your need to purchase the stock and write the call option on a timely basis is critical.

We encourage you to be very familiar with stocks and options before executing trades. Your brokerage company can send you a detailed pamphlet on stock options, or you may view it or download it here.

The recommendations that are made are never to be interpreted as a guarantee of results and investing in stocks, particularly with a short term horizon, may represent significant risk.

Getting Started

After your payment has been posted, you will be re-directed to a page providing instructions necessary for your registration.

Before deciding to subscribe, please take many moments to read “FAQ,” “Disclaimers” and “Terms

Following registration, you will be re-directed to your Login screen.

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