Telephone Support Option

For those that are more comfortable with some hand holding, especially during the early stages of implementation of the “Option to Profit” strategy, telephone support is available.

Each subscriber may register up to three telephone numbers, perhaps representing home, work and mobile. Phone support hours are 1 hour before and after normal New York Stock Exchange hours.

In order for eligibility, potential subscribers to the Telephone Support must further validate identity by “Liking” TheAcsMan Facebook page. Why?

Telephone Support is a separate option and is currently $50/month ($100/month for International accounts)*, with automatic renewal each month. It is my expectation that for those that prefer to utilize the service, a single month subscription should be sufficient to understand the application of the strategy.

For those subscribers choosing the option to allow us to send Text Messages, the SMS Texting system may be used to communicate Alerts, if you prefer.

* Monthly fee is in addition to any charges your phone company or wireless carrier may impose.

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Why do you have to “Like” TheAcsMan’s Facebook page?

You really don’t. It’s just that I like to be able to link a visual represntation to your phone number for incoming calls. It makes it easier to screen calls

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